Tecnomec Srl is an italian company appreciated all over the world for its high quality pcb, professional pcb design, high quality printed circuit boards.

About Policy/Vision

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Tecnomec knows very well how important customer and his satisfaction are, and that is why the company has converted them into its primary goals, according to related rules and professional ethics.
That’s a very high target indeed, and that’ why Tecnomec decided to apply  and certify the Quality System Management, as detailed below in Quality System Management Manual and its related procedures according to UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 rules.

 The Quality system  that Tecnomec has to its disposal was meant to be certified in order to:

  • Obtain an independent and objective evaluation of the factory modus operandi;
  • Assure to the customer a quality level product, a stated and documented service;
  • Build a valuable tool to be competitive to the market;
  • Reduce set-up and production costs;
  • Keep periodically under control all working processes and machinery;
  • Force all operating activities to follow strict and  tested work instructions to better organize them;
  • Constantly Invest in technological research.

The general management is perfectly aware that in order  to gain customer satisfaction, it is necessary to develop a strict interaction between management duties, partners, production assets and at last, quality system organization. To accomplish this purpose, focused briefings involve groups of people, to assure information exchange to offer to all, the chance to participate and cooperate in problem solving.

Tecnomec moreover:

  • Constantly performs in order to assure that quality policy becomes of general comprehension , be verified and put into practice, turning therefore rules and regulations into practical improvements so as to enhance the quality of every own service.
  • Described and put into procedure, all production activities in order to assure a customized  modus operandi to assure a high standard quality;

General management is therefore committed to:      

  • Periodically redefine and review the quality targets related to each levels and organizations functions
  • Look after the correct development of what stated in the documentation related to quality system        management 
  • Put the policy into effect , support it and make it understandable to all company departments
  • Review the quality policy and keep it up to date in order to assure its appropriateness
  • Make adequate assets available to production departments, to accomplish the defined goals,
  • Create proper trackers in order to measure the quality system management trend.      

The policy of quality is meant to  be a reference system for the entire company structure.
Targets related to each levels and organizations functions are stated along the general management review.